interior design matters now more than ever

did you know?

every home is designed – from private residences to multifamily apartment buildings

every workplace is designed – from the corner office to the factory floor

And, when you leave work, you eat in restaurants we designed. You shop in stores we designed. Not just the front of house you experience, but also the back of house areas that keep these businesses running.

We design the spas, nail salons, barbershops, chiropractic clinics, therapy offices, jewelry stores, convenience stores, malls, and tenant spaces that fill our cities.

interior design keeps our economy running

We provide keystone professional services to communities across the United States:

  • designing secure government and military spaces
  • procuring valuable goods used from coast to coast
  • generating design-based tax revenue in all 50 states

Interior design is a cornerstone of community engagement. When you gather together to vote, to pay your taxes, to mourn or celebrate . . . you do so in the community centers, libraries, civic spaces, and houses of worship we designed.

The interiors we design are also the most significant influencer of human health, wellness, and quality of life – more powerful than TV and social media combined.

interiors 93%
television 17%
social 10%

We design the daycares, centers, and schools that care for your children…

the assisted living and nursing homes that serve and care for your elders.

the hospitals and clinics that heal you

the pharmacy that fills your prescriptions

When millions of Americans give blood, get an X-ray, have surgery, get their vision checked, or do their annual exam…

interior design is there.

Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a design ecologist and entrepreneur academic.

By day, I’m a tenured professor at Auburn University where I lead our nationally-ranked, CIDA-accredited Interior Design program. By night I’m an award-winning 7-figure entrepreneur, author, and founder of Design-Atlas.

I have special expertise in symbolic aspects of human-computer and human-environment interaction – an approach that helps to illuminate the “why” behind today’s most pressing global health and quality of life challenges. I apply that special knowledge to tackle wicked problems through the lens of design interventions.

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