Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a design ecologist and entrepreneur academic.

By day, I’m a tenured professor at Auburn University where I lead our nationally-ranked, CIDA-accredited Interior Design program. By night I’m an award-winning 7-figure entrepreneur.

In my day job, I lead a nationally-ranked program. I also do research. I have special expertise in symbolic aspects of human-computer and human-environment interaction – an approach that helps to illuminate the “why” behind today’s most pressing global health and quality of life challenges. I apply that special knowledge to tackle wicked problems through the lens of design interventions. I am particularly excited by the challenges of food security and resilience in the modern urban ecosystem.

In my side hustle, I founded West Second Street LLC, a multispectrum design consulting studio, wrote two books for interior designers, and created DESIGN-ATLAS where my team and I help bridge the gap for interior designers in transition – school to career, job to job, and profession to profession. That makes me a designer, researcher, author, teacher, blogger, coach, creator, entrepreneur, and business owner. You can learn more about me by exploring this site or through my ORCID and LinkedIn profiles.