The Interior Designer’s Job Hunt Playbook

COMING 2023! Now in beta release – limited availability through select institutions.

This interactive Top Hat textbook provides the step-by-step playbook for launching your first job (or internship) hunt. The videos, text, and worksheets all prepare you to market yourself authentically, develop a rockstar application package, target the jobs you actually want, and then interview and negotiate effectively so you can be paid well for the work you do.

This book is a complete refresh on my popular online course The Job Hunt Blueprint with new content developed exclusively for this Top Hat version.

Tan is always willing to talk with me not just about design but about life and my career. She always guides me on the right path and helps me weigh my options—that’s very unique.
Yemiah McDuffie
Interior Design Graduate
Introduction to Interior Design

This interactive and customizable Top Hat textbook provides an engaging introduction to the world of interior design.

Foundational concepts are introduced to provide students with the language needed to explore and express ideas about design. Design is explored through theories grounded in a design ecology framework that connects interiors and interior designers to a wide range of human and environmental issues. Videos and questions are embedded in chapters to enhance learning.

Most Innovative Educator

Top Hat Educator Awards 2022

Tan was honored for her ability to optimize her online learning environment in a way that allows for greater flexibility, equity and empathy . . . Her extensive use of Top Hat has empowered her to reduce accessibility and financial barriers, much to the delight of her students.
Harleen Dhami
Top Hat
Brilliance Hacks for Work-Life Balance

This book offers a brief introduction to some of the brilliance hacks that can help you to gain back your work-life balance in as little as 15 minutes a day – one simple step at a time.

A brilliance mindset does not tell you to achieve your professional goals by casting aside who you are or what you want in life. Those with a brilliance mindset are able to make intentional decisions about where to invest their time, and so they are able to be incredibly successful at work and enjoy the lifestyle that their work has built for them.


Auburn Author Awards 2022

An easy read filled with good, actionable reminders . . . the life hacks listed in this book can help anyone improve their day to day life!
Virginia Fortunado
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