Abundance means more than money

Some people equate financial success with abundance. Having enough money is a significant part of abundance, but there’s much more to it.

Abundance is a mindset and a belief system. It’s a way of viewing the world, the people in it, and yourself. It’s making the decision to believe that the universe will provide, as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.

You can be wealthy and be alone. You can be surrounded by fans and be in poor health. You can be wildly successful and still miserable.

you can be the richest person in the world and still lack true abundance.

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so what is abundance and how do you experience it?

abundance is an attitude

Money is money, but abundance is a mindset. It’s a decision to believe that you can have whatever you need, in the quantities you need it. It’s the belief that there is always enough.

abundance fills your deeper needs

True abundance is about having enough of all the necessary resources in your life. This can include things like free time, love, and joy.

Money is important, but there’s much more to abundance than just that. That’s why I stress the importance of work-life balance in all that we do.

Being surrounded by loved ones is one aspect of abundance.

abundance means plenty for all

Sharing is a celebration of abundance.

Those obsessed with wealth are often competitive and believe that there’s only a finite amount of property and resources to be divided among everyone.

Abundance is understanding that our world is vast and there’s enough for us all. There is no need to compete to receive everything we need.

abundance makes you happy

Abundance greatly increases the likelihood of true happiness. Great wealth is no more likely to make you happy than a decent middle-class income. There’s actual research supporting this idea. After all, there are many problems that no amount of money can solve.

We can’t make ourselves any happier by accumulating excessive wealth — but we can by growing our connections with others, our inner peace, and our appreciation for what we already have.

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abundance avoids attachment

Abundance lacks attachment. There’s no reason to hold on tightly to what you have if you believe there will always be enough in the future. Decluttering your home is a good way to practice an abundance mindset. With an abundance mindset, you feel comfortable allowing everything to flow into and out of your life, including stuff.

abundance avoids resentment

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With abundance, there’s no reason to be jealous or resentful of someone else’s success. Others simply having good things cannot negatively affect you — remember, there is plenty for everyone.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try to compare yourself to your own past and see how far you’ve come. You are on your own journey, no one else’s.

abundance lets you dream bigger

Abundance allows for the biggest of dreams to become a possibility in your mind. Money provides opportunities, but only for those things it can afford. Take the possibilities in your life to another level by assuming all obstacles can be overcome.

abundance depends on gratitude

regard even the smallest things with appreciation and wonder

You can’t experience abundance unless you’re grateful for what you have. Gratitude puts you in the right state of mind for receiving even more in the future. If you need a little help becoming mindful of your attitude of gratitude, there are lots of self-help books out there but I prefer the simple and straightforward act of keeping a pocket journal.

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abundance promises good things

When you believe in abundance, you are optimistic about the future. You expect good things to happen and to continue happening. Remember that your mindset is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so let things snowball in the best possible direction by maintaining positive expectations.

Resist the urge to believe that all of your challenges can and will be solved with money.

Financial stability helps with a lot of issues, but once you’ve dealt with that, you have a whole new set of problems to deal with. You just couldn’t see them before.

You can’t care too much about big life questions if you’re in the process of drowning in debt. You don’t see your loneliness as a problem if you’re struggling to buy food each month. There are always going to be more challenges waiting for you, and some are far more complex than others.

Abundance can solve far more problems than money alone can. Seek abundance in all forms. This is much more powerful than just a large bank account.

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