Auburn Faculty Hobbies

excerpt Maybe it was because her dad was into model trains when she was growing up. Maybe it was just something to do to pass the pandemic. Maybe it just caught her eye on Pinterest one day. Interior design professor and program coordinator Lindsay Tan can’t really pinpoint why exactly she got into it, or […]

The Meaning of Threshold: A preliminary typological study of the symbolism of entry

This presentation represents findings from a preliminary typological study of theories related to “Threshold”, conducted as part of a larger typological study of the theories of Christopher Day. The aim of the study was to inform and assist interior design practitioners in implementing abstract design theories through the analysis and interpretation of a specific set […]

Research Brief: Improving the Healthcare Design Studio

Jump to Summary In the realm of interior design, its profound impact extends far beyond aesthetics, particularly evident in healthcare environments where the designed space can influence outcomes for patients, staff, and visitors. The challenge facing interior design education is not only about cultivating professional competence but also instilling the attitudes necessary for crafting spaces […]

I Left at the Top of My Game

I was tenured. Well-established. Leading a nationally-recognized program… by all appearances, I was at the top of my game. Lots of people told me I was foolish to “walk away from all that” when I retired this past May. A few asked if I had a terminal illness. But I’m not a fool, and I’m not […]

These hacks can increase your impact at work

Do you pride yourself on meeting the expectations in your job description and completing tasks on time? That’s a great start, but if you want to be the first one promoted in good times and the last one fired in bad times it’s important to stand out from the crowd. In today’s employment market, many […]

3 Brilliant ways to ask about an internship

You have a polished resume. Your portfolio of work that is top notch. You even have an elevator pitch to describe your value in under a minute. You take that perfect package and you start sending out inquiry emails, submitting applications, and making cold calls asking about internship opportunities. And then… Crickets. This may sound very familiar […]

I still believe in work-life balance

A brilliance mindset tells us that success and routines go hand-in-hand. Developing routines that are geared toward supporting your success – at work and at home – and repeating them daily almost guarantees that success. A brilliance mindset does not tell you to achieve your professional goals by casting aside who you are or what you […]

Why time management fails you

Time management is a highly desirable job skill. It matters for your work. It matters for your daily life. Photo by Some Tale You need to make it to the movies on time. You need to pay bills on time. You need to deliver that report to your boss by Friday. You need to have […]

6 surprising ways to self-sabotage

You may have heard the saying, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Unfortunately, most of us are well-practiced in the art of avoiding discomfort — so much so that we can sabotage ourselves in order to avoid it. It can be the discomfort of failing, succeeding, or having to perform tasks that make us feel insecure. Have you […]