I still believe in work-life balance

A brilliance mindset tells us that success and routines go hand-in-hand. Developing routines that are geared toward supporting your success – at work and at home – and repeating them daily almost guarantees that success. A brilliance mindset does not tell you to achieve your professional goals by casting aside who you are or what you want in life. The most successful people, in fact, achieve success by having a rock-solid understanding of their values – what matters most, and what “success” feels like, to them.

Finding a work-life balance is good for both your physical and mental health. But many times, heavy job responsibilities steal that balance away. When that happens, both our work and home life can suffer unwanted consequences.

But how can you achieve that balance and still excel at your job?

Use these strategies to create the work-life balance you seek:

1. Set boundaries that protect your time and support your goals.

You may love your job, but it’s usually unnecessary to be available to your boss 24/7. When you have put in the hours, doing the work you love, and it is time to clock out you can set down your work and focus on enjoying the lifestyle you love – the lifestyle that all of your hard work has earned for you. Avoid checking your work emails outside the office.
There has been a shift in work attitudes, especially among younger workers. More people – even bosses – are recognizing the value of work-life balance. Come up with your own ideas that will help you separate your work from your home life and run them by your boss. They might just agree!

2. Work efficiently when you’re on the clock and then leave work at work.

Those with a brilliance mindset are able to make intentional decisions about where to invest their time, and so they are able to be incredibly successful at work and enjoy the lifestyle that their work has built for them.

Instead of dragging yourself through endless work tasks at all hours of the day, establish routines and habits that support productivity. You’ll actually get more done in a shorter period of time. Then, when you clock off for the day, make a mental note that work has finished.

3. Prioritize important tasks and do these tasks first each day.

By setting your priorities and then tackling them first thing, the most important things always get done. Avoid unproductive activities, such as unstructured meetings or constantly checking your email and social media accounts, especially first thing in the morning.

And remember that not everything is an emergency, and not everything needs to be perfect. Done is done. Have you ever been on your way out of the office, only to turn back around because you thought of a way to make a report or task a little better? Sometimes, it pays to remind yourself that you and your work are good enough.

4. Establish daily routines for work and home.

Successful people have successful daily routines. Few of us ever take the time to optimize the processes in our lives, but if you embrace a brilliance mindset you know that your time is valuable. You aren’t just counting down the hours until you can clock out; you are leveraging your unique brilliance every minute of the work day.

Successful people enjoy life outside of work. It’s important to have a sense of purpose and belonging that is not entirely dependent of your success at work. Develop some hobbies that interest you. Spending time doing something that you love reduces stress and energizes you while relaxing you and uplifting your mood. Add some “happy time” to your life!

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